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Zeile 1.018: Zeile 1.018:
|Has extension description=Ermöglicht das Speicher, Abrufen und Visualisieren von Informationen zu Vorlagen@de
|Has extension description=Ermöglicht das Speicher, Abrufen und Visualisieren von Informationen zu Vorlagen@de
|Has extension description=Allows for storing, retrieveing and visualising information about templates@en
|Has extension description=Allows for storing, retrieveing and visualising information about templates@en
|Included in Starter=false
|Included in Starter=true
|Included in Maker=true
|Included in Maker=true
|Optional in Maker=false
|Optional in Maker=false
Zeile 1.031: Zeile 1.031:
|Has extension description=Ermöglicht das Laden von CSS-Stylesheets aus Vorlagen@de
|Has extension description=Ermöglicht das Laden von CSS-Stylesheets aus Vorlagen@de
|Has extension description=Allows for loading CSS stylesheets from a template@en
|Has extension description=Allows for loading CSS stylesheets from a template@en
|Included in Starter=true
|Included in Maker=true
|Optional in Maker=false
|Has extension status=maintained
|Has extension comment=
|To be discussed=false
|Has page name={{PAGENAME}}
|Has extension name=TimedMediaHandler
|Has extension description=Ermöglicht die Anzeige von Audio- und Videodateien in unterstützten Formaten@de
|Has extension description=Allows for displaying audio and video files in supported formats@en
|Included in Starter=true
|Included in Starter=true
|Included in Maker=true
|Included in Maker=true
Zeile 1.540: Zeile 1.553:
|Has extension description=Stellt einen Editor mit Echtbilddarstellung (WYSIWYG) bereit@de
|Has extension description=Stellt einen Editor mit Echtbilddarstellung (WYSIWYG) bereit@de
|Has extension description=Provides a WYSIWYG wikitext editor@en
|Has extension description=Provides a WYSIWYG wikitext editor@en
|Included in Starter=false
|Included in Starter=true
|Included in Maker=false
|Included in Maker=true
|Optional in Maker=true
|Optional in Maker=false
|Has extension status=maintained
|Has extension status=maintained
|Has extension comment=
|Has extension comment=

Version vom 14. Juni 2019, 17:36 Uhr

Number of extensions in total: 122

Number of extensions (okay): 118

NameDescriptionStarterMaker (s)Maker (o)StatusComment
AbuseFilterAllows for automatically placing specific behavior-based restrictions on editsfalschfalschwahrmaintained
Admin LinksProvides a special page that holds helpful links for administratorswahrwahrfalschmaintained
AdvancedSearchProvides and improved search interfacefalschwahrwahrmaintained
AntiSpoofPrevents the creation of confusable usernamesfalschfalschwahrmaintained
ApprovedRevsAllows for curating edits and contentfalschfalschwahrmaintained
ArraysAllows for defining and using arrayswahrwahrfalschcommunitymaintained
BabelAllows for automatically creating language proficiency and other information boxesfalschfalschwahrmaintained
BetaFeaturesLets users enable or disable features that are not yet functioning stablyfalschfalschwahrmaintained
BootstrapComponentsProvides additional components to the Chameleon skinfalschfalschwahrmaintained
CLDRProvides functions to localize the names of languages, countries, currencies and time units to extensionsfalschfalschwahrmaintained
CategoryTreeAllows for dynamically displaying and navigating the category structurewahrwahrfalschmaintained
ChameleonProvides a mobile skinfalschfalschwahrmaintained
CharInsertAllows for creating character insert boxeswahrwahrfalschmaintained
CirrusSearchProvides Elasticsearch as a backend for searchingfalschwahrfalschmaintained
CiteAllows for referencing contentwahrwahrfalschmaintained
CiteThisPageAllows for citing contentwahrwahrfalschmaintained
CleanChangesProvides a compact display of recent changesfalschfalschwahrmaintained
CodeEditorProvides a code editor including code highlighting when editingfalschfalschwahrmaintained
CodeMirrorAllows for highlighting the wikitext syntax during editingwahrwahrfalschmaintained
CommentStreamsAllows for commenting contentfalschfalschwahrmaintained
ConfirmAccountRequires the creation and confirmation of account requestsfalschfalschwahrcommunitymaintained
ConfirmEditProvides CAPTCHA techniques to protect against spam and password-guessingwahrwahrfalschmaintained
ContactPageAllows for using contact formsfalschfalschwahrcommunitymaintained
CookieWarningProvides a notice to inform users about cookie usagewahrwahrfalschmaintained
Data TransferAllows for exporting content in XML from and for importing content in XML and CSV formwahrwahrfalschmaintained
DateDiffAllows for calculating the difference between two dateswahrwahrfalschunmaintained
DeleteBatchAllows for deleting multiple pages at the same timefalschwahrfalschmaintained
DisambiguatorAllows for designating pages as disambugiationsfalschfalschwahrmaintained
DismissableSiteNoticeAllows for users to close wikiwide sitenoticeswahrwahrfalschmaintained
Display TitleDisplays the user-defined page title instead of the page namewahrwahrfalschmaintained
EchoAllows for notifications about user and system eventswahrwahrfalschmaintained
EditAccountAllows for editing an user accountwahrwahrfalschmaintained
ElasticaProvides a library for using Elasticsearch to extensionsfalschwahrfalschmaintained
External DataAllows for retrieving structured data from external URLs, databases and other sourceswahrwahrfalschmaintained
ForegroundProvides a mobile skinwahrwahrfalschmaintained
GadgetsAllows for using predefined gadgetswahrwahrfalschmaintainedGadget installation is extra support
GraphAllows for creating Vega-based graphs and diagramsfalschfalschwahrmaintained
Header TabsAllows for displaying sections on a page as tabswahrwahrfalschcommunitymaintained
HitCountersProvides a page views counterwahrwahrfalschcommunitymaintained
HostStatsAllows for displaying statistics about the wikis hostwahrwahrfalschcommunitymaintained
ImageMapAllows for creating and using clickable image mapswahrwahrfalschmaintained
InputBoxAllows for embedding predefined HTML formswahrwahrfalschmaintained
InterwikiAllows for managing interwiki prefixes to other websites and wikiswahrwahrfalschmaintained
JSBreadCrumbsAllows for displaying the user's navigation trail trough the wikiwahrwahrfalschmaintained
Labeled Section TransclusionAllows for embedding marked content sections on pagesfalschfalschwahrmaintained
LockdownAllows for restricting read access to pages per namespacewahrwahrfalschcommunitymaintained
LoginNotifyNotifies users of suspicious loginswahrwahrfalschmaintained
LoopsProvides parser functions for performing loopswahrwahrfalschcommunitymaintained
MagicNoCacheAllows for selectively disabling the cache of individual pageswahrwahrfalschmaintained
MapsAllows for embedding of dynamic maps, geocoding of addresses and other geographical operations based on structured datawahrwahrfalschmaintained
MathAllows for creating mathematical formulasfalschfalschwahrmaintained
MermaidAllows for creating Mermaid-based graphs and diagramswahrwahrfalschmaintained
MinervaNeueProvides a mobile skinwahrwahrfalschmaintained
MobileFrontendAllows for optimized displaying of pages in mobile clientswahrwahrfalschmaintained
MonoBookProvides a classic skinwahrwahrfalschmaintained
MpdfAllows for exporting the current page into a pdf filefalschfalschwahrmaintained
MultimediaViewerExpands thumbnails to a larger size in a fullscreen interfacewahrwahrfalschmaintained
MyVariablesProvides additional predefined variableswahrwahrfalschmaintained
NewUserMessageAllows for automatically adding messages to the talk pages of newly created accountswahrwahrfalschmaintained
NukeAllows for deleting multiple pages at the same timewahrwahrfalschmaintained
NumberFormatAllows for formatting and rounding of numberswahrwahrfalschmaintained
NumerAlphaAllows for incrementing numbers, letters and roman numerals in ascending orderwahrwahrfalschmaintained
OATHAuthAllows for using two-factor authentication for logging inwahrwahrfalschmaintained
Page FormsAllows for forms to create and edit pageswahrwahrfalschmaintained
PagedTiffHandlerAllows for displaying tiff-fileswahrwahrfalschmaintained
ParserFunctionsProvides parser functions for performing logical operationswahrwahrfalschmaintained
PdfHandlerAllows for displaying pdf-fileswahrwahrfalschmaintained
PipeEscapeAllows using pipes in arguments of parser functionswahrwahrfalschunmaintained
PivotProvides a mobile skinwahrwahrfalschmaintained
PoemAllows for easy formatting of text blockswahrwahrfalschmaintained
RenameUserAllows for renaming an user accountwahrwahrfalschmaintained
ReplaceTextAllows for doing wikiwide search-and-replace operationswahrwahrfalschmaintained
RevisionSliderProvides and improved interface to browse differences between revisionsfalschfalschwahrmaintained
RottenLinksAllows for retrieving the status of external linkswahrwahrfalschmaintained
SandboxLinkProvides a link to user's personal sandbox to personal tools menuwahrwahrfalschmaintained
ScribuntoAllows for using scripting languages on pageswahrwahrfalschmaintained
Semantic Breadcrumb LinksAllows for displaying the navigation based on structured datawahrwahrfalschmaintained
Semantic CiteAllows for referencing of content based on structured datawahrwahrfalschmaintained
Semantic Compound QueriesAllows for displaying the combined results of several queries of structured datawahrwahrfalschmaintained
Semantic DrilldownAllows for faceted navigation through structured datawahrwahrfalschmaintained
Semantic External Query LookupAllows for displaying query results for structured data from external sourcesfalschfalschwahrmaintained
Semantic Extra Special PropertiesProvides additional special properties for storing structured datawahrwahrfalschmaintained
Semantic Forms SelectAllows for generating select form elements with queried values of structured datafalschfalschwahrcommunitymaintained
Semantic GlossaryAllows for creating and managing a glossary based on structured datawahrwahrfalschmaintained
Semantic Interlanguage LinksAllows for creating and managinginterlanguage links based on structured datawahrwahrfalschmaintained
Semantic MediaWikiAllows for storing, querying and exporting structured data for reuse ("wiki database")wahrwahrfalschmaintained
Semantic Meta TagsAllows for outputting meta elements based on structured data for search engine optimizationwahrwahrfalschmaintained
Semantic NotificationsAllows for notifications on changes to structured data using the Echo extensionfalschfalschwahrmaintained
Semantic RatingsAllows for managing ratings based on structured datawahrwahrfalschmaintained
Semantic Result FormatsProvides additional formats for displaying structured datawahrwahrfalschmaintained
Semantic ScribuntoAllows for using the Scribunto extension in combination with structured datawahrwahrfalschmaintained
SimpleBatchUploadAllows for uploading serveral files at oncefalschfalschwahrmaintained
SpamBlacklistPrevents adding web links and email addressen identified as spamwahrwahrfalschmaintained
Summary CardsDisplays content summaries on hovered linksfalschfalschwahrmaintained
SyntaxHighlightAllows for highlighting the syntax of embedded codewahrwahrfalschmaintained
TemplateDataAllows for storing, retrieveing and visualising information about templateswahrwahrfalschmaintained
TemplateStylesAllows for loading CSS stylesheets from a templatewahrwahrfalschmaintained
ThanksAllows for thanking users for editswahrwahrfalschmaintained
TimedMediaHandlerAllows for displaying audio and video files in supported formatswahrwahrfalschmaintained
TimelessProvides a modern skinwahrwahrfalschmaintained
Title IconAllows for displaying icons in the title of pages and in search resultswahrwahrfalschmaintained
TitleBlacklistPrevents the creation of pages identifierd as spamwahrwahrfalschmaintained
TitleKeyProvides a case-insensitive page title prefix searchwahrfalschfalschmaintained
TranslateAllows for translating and proof-reading contentfalschfalschwahrmaintained
UniversalLanguageSelectorAllows for selecting the user language and changing language related preferencesfalschwahrfalschmaintained
UploadsLinkProvides a link to user's uploads to personal tools menufalschfalschwahrmaintained
UrlGetParametersAllows using URL parameters on pagesfalschwahrfalschmaintained
UserFunctionsProvides parser functions for performing user dependant operationswahrwahrfalschmaintained
UserMergeAllows for merging user accountsfalschwahrfalschmaintained
VEForAllProvides extensions with JavaScript functionality to use VisualEditorfalschfalschwahrmaintained
ValidatorProvides a declarative parameter processing library to extensionswahrwahrfalschmaintained
VariablesProvides parser functions for creating user-defined variableswahrwahrfalschmaintained
VariablesLuaAllows for using the Scribunto extension in combination with the Variables extensionwahrwahrfalschmaintained
VectorProvides a modernized skinwahrwahrfalschmaintained
VisualEditorProvides a WYSIWYG wikitext editorwahrwahrfalschmaintained
Whats NearbyAllows for providing geoposition information to templatesfalschfalschwahrmaintained
WidgetsAllows for using predefined widgetswahrwahrfalschmaintainedWidget installation is extra support
WikiEditorProvides a wikitext editorfalschfalschwahrmaintained

Number of extensions (assess): 4

NameDescriptionStarterMaker (s)Maker (o)StatusComment
AutoCreatePageAllows for creating non-existent pagesfalschfalschwahrcommunitymaintainedunderestimated, PageForms equivalent not working
ImportUsersAllows for importing user accountsfalschfalschwahrunmaintained
Semantic Tasks...falschfalschwahrunmaintained
Semantic Watchlist...falschfalschwahrunmaintained