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82 extensions:

NameDescriptionStarterMaker (s)Maker (o)
Admin LinksProvides a special page that holds helpful links for administratorswahrwahrfalsch
ArraysAllows for defining and using arrayswahrwahrfalsch
CategoryTreeAllows for dynamically displaying and navigating the category structurewahrwahrfalsch
CharInsertAllows for creating character insert boxeswahrwahrfalsch
CiteAllows for referencing contentwahrwahrfalsch
CiteThisPageAllows for citing contentwahrwahrfalsch
CodeMirrorAllows for highlighting the wikitext syntax during editingwahrwahrfalsch
ConfirmEditProvides CAPTCHA techniques to protect against spam and password-guessingwahrwahrfalsch
CookieWarningProvides a notice to inform users about cookie usagewahrwahrfalsch
Data TransferAllows for exporting content in XML from and for importing content in XML and CSV formwahrwahrfalsch
DateDiffAllows for calculating the difference between two dateswahrwahrfalsch
DismissableSiteNoticeAllows for users to close wikiwide sitenoticeswahrwahrfalsch
Display TitleDisplays the user-defined page title instead of the page namewahrwahrfalsch
EchoAllows for notifications about user and system eventswahrwahrfalsch
EditAccountAllows for editing an user accountwahrwahrfalsch
External DataAllows for retrieving structured data from external URLs, databases and other sourceswahrwahrfalsch
ForegroundProvides a mobile skinwahrwahrfalsch
GadgetsAllows for using predefined gadgetswahrwahrfalsch
Header TabsAllows for displaying sections on a page as tabswahrwahrfalsch
HitCountersProvides a page views counterwahrwahrfalsch
HostStatsAllows for displaying statistics about the wikis hostwahrwahrfalsch
ImageMapAllows for creating and using clickable image mapswahrwahrfalsch
InputBoxAllows for embedding predefined HTML formswahrwahrfalsch
InterwikiAllows for managing interwiki prefixes to other websites and wikiswahrwahrfalsch
JSBreadCrumbsAllows for displaying the user's navigation trail trough the wikiwahrwahrfalsch
LockdownAllows for restricting read access to pages per namespacewahrwahrfalsch
LoginNotifyNotifies users of suspicious loginswahrwahrfalsch
LoopsProvides parser functions for performing loopswahrwahrfalsch
MagicNoCacheAllows for selectively disabling the cache of individual pageswahrwahrfalsch
MapsAllows for embedding of dynamic maps, geocoding of addresses and other geographical operations based on structured datawahrwahrfalsch
MermaidAllows for creating Mermaid-based graphs and diagramswahrwahrfalsch
MinervaNeueProvides a mobile skinwahrwahrfalsch
MobileFrontendAllows for optimized displaying of pages in mobile clientswahrwahrfalsch
MonoBookProvides a classic skinwahrwahrfalsch
MultimediaViewerExpands thumbnails to a larger size in a fullscreen interfacewahrwahrfalsch
MyVariablesProvides additional predefined variableswahrwahrfalsch
NewUserMessageAllows for automatically adding messages to the talk pages of newly created accountswahrwahrfalsch
NukeAllows for deleting multiple pages at the same timewahrwahrfalsch
NumberFormatAllows for formatting and rounding of numberswahrwahrfalsch
NumerAlphaAllows for incrementing numbers, letters and roman numerals in ascending orderwahrwahrfalsch
OATHAuthAllows for using two-factor authentication for logging inwahrwahrfalsch
Page FormsAllows for forms to create and edit pageswahrwahrfalsch
PagedTiffHandlerAllows for displaying tiff-fileswahrwahrfalsch
ParserFunctionsProvides parser functions for performing logical operationswahrwahrfalsch
PdfHandlerAllows for displaying pdf-fileswahrwahrfalsch
PipeEscapeAllows using pipes in arguments of parser functionswahrwahrfalsch
PivotProvides a mobile skinwahrwahrfalsch
PoemAllows for easy formatting of text blockswahrwahrfalsch
RenameUserAllows for renaming an user accountwahrwahrfalsch
ReplaceTextAllows for doing wikiwide search-and-replace operationswahrwahrfalsch
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