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Questback Professional Service Knowledge Base Home Page

This is supposed to be the home of the Questback Professional Service Knowledge Base. The process map below describes the core process (PS Core Process) and some supporting processes around it. To drill down into a certain sub-process just click onto the according area in the map.

5D ModelColonel Antoine Polier

This notebook provides you an overview over Questback's project methodology and history. It contains checklists, knowledge database and useful links to other storage spaces. Depending on your interest, please choose one of the register clusters above.

5D Project Methodology

Please find here all information about our delivery model. This includes detailed information to all process steps, templates and checklists. To check out our 5D model, please click here.

Project Factory

For smaller projects you can find an overview over some tools and tricks click here.

Pre Sales

Do you need to prepare a new offer or is Sales asking you for some information about our way to work? Click here to check out our Sales support material.

Technical Database

Are you asked for an estimation for a new customer requests or a pre sales ticket? Don't reinvent the wheel, check out our technical database first! Just click here to see some real work examples.